WisNRG is the effort of a number of entities across the state to how best respond to the inquiries from representatives of community and nonprofit organizations from across Wisconsin looking for accessible, free or reduced cost resources, expertise, and support.

The intent is to provide an accessible listing of resources for nonprofits provided by nonprofits, educational, and state entities. This listing will be broken down into six (6)  geographic regions throughout the state.

Additionally, WisNRG seeks to provide additional resources like a statewide jobs board, nonprofit-related legislative information, and a calendar of events around the state that focus on providing nonprofit and community-based organizations with capacity-building,  educational, and personal professional development opportunities.


WHY: Wisconsin nonprofit and community organizations can benefit from a Wisconsin-wide platform for stakeholders to share about efforts, practices, resources, and needs.

WHAT: WisNRG is a collective of “service-tier” public and nonprofit organizations, which coordinates efforts to address the needs of the sector.

HOW: We collect, compile, share, and communicate information about efforts, resources, and gaps in the Wisconsin community and nonprofit sector, and work to increase access to resources.

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